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Chi Siamo

Bauwow è l’unica app dalla parte del cane. Ogni cosa che facciamo è studiata per fornire alla nostra comunità tanto divertimento e notizie interessanti per sè stessi e i loro cani, tutto nel palmo di una mano!

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Su Bauwow, tu e il tuo cane, potrete trovare nuovi amici, aree dove correre e giocare senza guinzaglio, spiagge, bar, ristoranti e alloggi dog-friendly e persino attrazioni da visitare insieme al tuo amico a quattro zampe.

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I Servizi

Bauwow è una comunità in continua espansione. Tantissime persone che amano condividere le proprie esperienze di vita a 6 zampe esigendo il massimo per i propri pelosetti. Hai un’attività cinofila o dog-friendly? Unisciti a noi!

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Il Branco

Siamo un branco tra imprenditori, sviluppatori, tecnici e amanti degli animali con un obbiettivo comune, ossia quello di fornire alla nostra comunità di Bauwowers un’esperienza unica, divertente e utile.

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Chi Siamo

Bauwow – Tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno in una sola App.

Bauwow è l’unica app dalla parte del cane. Ogni cosa che facciamo è studiata per fornire alla nostra comunità di amanti dei cani tanto divertimento e notizie interessanti per sè stessi e I loro cani, tutto nel palmo di una mano! Anche noi siamo un branco di amanti dei cani e sempre alla ricerca del miglior contenuto, dei prodotti, delle applicazioni, di servizi e esperienze per tutta la nostra grande famiglia di Bauwow.

Andare in giro con il proprio cane, andare in vacanza con loro oppure nutrirli, prendersi cura e amarli, sono gli elementi essenziali delle nostre vite e lavoriamo constantemente per fornire alla nostra conunità con I migliori servizi di qualità di cui hanno bisogno. Dopotutto i nostril cani fanno parte della nostra famiglia.

Bauwow è in continua espansione e evoluzione per far si che I nostri Bauwowers possano sempre avere l’opportunità di includere sempre di più i propri animali nella loro vita. Siamo qui per aiutarvi a condividere la vostra vita insieme ai vostri amici a quattro zampe!

Il Branco

Peter Curtis

Peter Curtis Founder & CEO

Peter is Australian and has lived, worked and studied all over the world. With a passion for business process, efficiency and design, he has combined all these into a career built on lean, agile philosophies working with major multi national companies globally. A professed beagle fanatic and lover of all animals, Bauwow is the combination of his passions, career and ideals.

Giuseppe Migale

Giuseppe Migale Founder & Engineering, R&D and Quality

Giuseppe prides himself on his attention to detail, and pursuit of quality. After getting his engineering degree from Politecnico di Milano, he pursued a corporate career, but realised his true passions when he found himself the father of Tobia the Beagle. Spoiling his furry family but still being able to enjoy the finer things in life, he is Italian after all, is now possible in his role with Bauwow.

Andrea Arrigoni

Andrea Arrigoni Founder & Art Director

Andrea has always been creative, and for more than 25 years he designed for Swatch watches and has been the creative force behind many well known Italian brands. He has an obsessive passion for music, theatre and art and his work showcases all of this constantly. A born and bred native of Milan, he applies his birthright fashion credentials to ensuring Bauwow is at the forefront of style.

John Reynolds

John Reynolds Business Advisor and Chairman/Director

John holds an M.Sc. Distinction in Economics from London University and has had a successful 25+ year career in London, as a top rated Global Strategist and Chief Investment Officer, he has spent the past 5 years investing in a range of early stage businesses. He is also Chairman of Musations and is a Senior Advisor to Carle & Co. His passion for dogs was first cultivated by Gina, the family westie.

Domenico Lettieri

Domenico Lettieri App Developer

Domenico was born in Germany and grew up on the Campania coast south of Naples, although you would never know it from his tan. He has over 10 years in Web and App development. PHP, JavaScript and Objective-C. are his second languages after Italian. He is a fantastic problem solver and skillfully leads everyone in Bauwow app development team.

Katharine Lamagni

Katharine Lamagni Business and Data Development

Katharine is half Italian and half British, she has lived in the UK, Belgium and Italy and has a background in IT sales, communications and teaching. She is passionate about animals particularly her daughter’s dog Tobias! Her sales experience, her love of technology, and her passion for people and animals, naturally make her an integral part of the Bauwow team.

Carlos Roman

Carlos Roman Sys Admin and Developer

Carlos is our other resident geek and father to Kimber the Beagle. He is our AWS dude and overall systems administrator. When he isn’t programming, problem solving or geeking out, he is probably recooking his dinner because Kimber ate it. Carlos is also a full stack developer and likes nothing better than solving problems and improving systems.


Tobia CDO - Chief Dog Officer

Tobia has led a charmed life and has visited more than 9 countries in his short life. He easily manipulates all his hoomans and regulary contemplates how to bring about world peace. Walks, sleep, food and cuddles are his life priorities. If you want his attention just mention chicken but only if you speak in Italian.

Morena Fiore

Morena Fiore Web Developer

Morena is a Web Developer by day and an accessory maker by night. She finally saw her dream of getting a dog come true in 2013 when she got Ciccia, her lively cocker spaniel. She is a Web developer and conference organizer as well as a new mum. She rarely sleeps and is constantly on the go. She dreams of training guide dogs one day.

Paul Sandwell

Paul Sandwell UI/UX Developer

From a young age Paul has always had a strong interest in technology. He discovered his true passion for the web, specifically UI design, development and coding over seven years ago, and it still burns strong today. Paul is also a self-confessed animal lover, and loves to spend his spare time playing with his parakeets.