I am everyone’s friend and I love meeting other dogs. I am fantastic with children but I do have a mind of my own. If you are thinking of getting a beagle like me, you should be prepared for my sometimes-stubborn attitude and my obsession with sniffing everything. I also like to tell the world when I see something or when I am bored. Humans sometimes can get bothered by my talkativeness so if you do fall in love with me remember that you will have to have lots of patience and be consistent when you are training and disciplining me. I can be trained but you must be a calm and patient person as I promise to test your skills.

I am intelligent and I like to see how far I can push my owner but I am also adorable, loveable and affectionate. I need an average amount of exercise, so provided I get at least one good walk (1hour or so) each day I am happy to live in an apartment but I prefer a terrace or garden. I love my food so if you want to train me, reward me keep me focused simply use food. It gets me every time.


Queen Elisabeth 1 had pocket beagles (smaller version beagles) that rode along in saddlebags on her horse when she was hunting. She called them her singing beagles.

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