All of us at Bauwow are pack animals at heart and we are constantly on the lookout for new partners to join our pack. We love nothing better than working with other great businesses, associations, services and teams that share our common message, beliefs, values and drive.

Collaboration, cross promotion, linking, and sharing our mutual vision is what we are all about.  We are constantly seeking better, cutting edge, and innovative ways to work with our partners. If you are interested in joining us on this fabulous journey, email us at:


The Canine Business Coach was created specifically to help individuals build a successful, profitable dog related business. We have come across so many people who are very skilled, talented, knowledgeable and capable in what they do with dogs, but who struggle with the business side of things.

The Canine Business Coach offers objective, practical, and pragmatic help from a professional business coach with over 20 years commercial experience.

The Canine Business Coach and Bauwow will be working together to support our businesses and community to grow their business and maximise their potential. Contact The Canine Business Coach for the best business advise for every dog related business owner.


Protectivity Insurance currently insure over 1,200 pet businesses around the UK, covering public liability claims as well as providing care, custody and control cover in the case of injured or lost dogs in a business’s care.

Protectivity Insurance and Bauwow will co-promote our products to our respective customer bases to provide dog walkers, groomers and sitters and alike with a one-stop shop of all their business needs.

In teaming with Bauwow, the insurer will market the app’s services to those businesses. The two companies will also work together to organise events and meetings for both Bauwow and Protectivity clients.


Glamping with Pets has thousands of pet-friendly accommodations in a range of treehouses, yurts, tents, cabins, caravans, and more. Every listing specifically details the requirements and features of each accommodation to make selecting the perfect destination for you and your pet that much easier. They are all listed on Glamping with Pets, and this number is growing rapidly, their main markets are in the US, UK, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Bauwow and Glamping with Pets are excited to be working together to give both of our communities fantastic, original places to enjoy are vacations, that are also fur friendly


The Life Media Group is a multi-platform communication company which has grown out of over thirty years of publishing success and experience as a traditional print based publisher.

With titles such as Pixel and Sussex Business Times it has established itself as one of the South Coast’s premier specialist publishers.

Today it has an impressive portfolio of seven print based titles, all of which pride themselves on high standards of editorial content, editorial design and reader engagement. In addition to the printed magazines, the Life Media Group also produce three brand related websites, which are updated on a daily basis, as well as various digital platforms appropriate to the brands such as podcast’s and broadcast film creation.

The Life Media Group also create and implement social media strategies for all of their brands and clients to ensure that brand communities are both established and developed.


Your Pet Magazine is a bi-monthly pet magazine that has been designed to inform, educate, engage and entertain pet owners and animal lovers across the UK.

Bauwow and Your Pet are working together to produce original content, news and information for our pet loving communities and are working closely together on a huge number of VERY exciting projects.

Search for info on and at your local Your Pet outlet


We met Quarters of Sussex during one of events in the UK and we really love their hand made quality kennels!

Their mission is “To remove a perceived image that a dog kennel is only for working dogs that live outside. We want to adapt this and produce a stunning range of Kennels that conjure an image of design and beauty creating an extension to a family home.”


Mylandog is the premier dog social group and advocacy in Milan, Italy that promotes a healthy, well balanced life style for humans and dogs.  The goal of Mylandog, is to make Milan, Italy into a truly “Dogs Welcome” model metropolis.

Since Bauwow’s inception we have worked closely with the fabulous team at Mylandog to create and participate in events, information sessions and to raise awareness for dog owners across the Milan area.

If you are in Milan get in contact as they are a great bunch of people and dogs.